Men’s Vintage Clothing: Looking Modern With Clothes From The Past

Adding a pieces of vintage clothing to your wardrobe can take your style to the next level. Vintage garments can make you look smart and give you the attitude of style icons from the past. Looking good in your vintage attire takes a little discretion. Balancing your older garments with more modern pieces takes a keen eye and a little practice.These simple tips could make the learning process a lot easier and have you looking sharp in no time.

Menswear ages much slower than women’s fashion, styles can be fashionable for decades instead of months. This allows men to purchase garments from years past and still look hip and modern. It is this slow aging process that make men so lucky. We can look like Frank Sinatra one day and Leonardo DiCaprio the next without feeling dated. Find more article here


Victorian Inspiration

To understand where menswear is today and how to look current in vintage clothing, we have to understand where it came from. Much of our clothing today is inspired by and has Victorian era roots. Garments like the oxford shoes, french cuff shirts, and chelsea boots all drew their inspiration from clothes of this era.

There were two men who pushed men’s fashion into the new age of Victorian Fashion.

Louis the XIV was an ambitious ruler who had a taste for over the top flambouance. This flambouance was exhibitied in all aspects of the kings life, including his fashion. Louis was noted for saying that fashion was a mirror of oneself. It was this kind of attitude thatmade it acceptable for men to be as fashionable as women.

King Charles the II ushered in the age of the Dandy into London. After spending a great deal of time if France, Charles returned home and ratified French style to suit English men. Contributions like the three piece suit have stood the test of time for centuries. The shift in thinking that Charles brought with him changed the way British men thought. That revolution still stands today making London one of the top menswear cities in the world.

Everytime you put on a piece of modern mens dress clothing thinks of these men and the age they came from. Without them we would not be where we are today in the world of menswear.

The Golden Years

The first half of the 20th century was a special time in men’s fashion. It seems as though men of this era dressed well at all times. Watching an older movie exhibits the power of this, almost every man looks timeless and classic.

Little changed from the 1920s to the 1950s , what did stay constant was impeccably tailored suits, great fabrics, and a masculinity that mixed perfectly with the sartorial look of the day.

Garments from these time periods are almost always a score. Incorporating a few into your wardrobe can make you look smart and put together. These are the pieces that usually inspire the question, “Where did you get that?”

More Ambitious Times

The styles that came out of the 1960s as well as the Rockabilly era, stand out as designs that pushed the edge of fashion. At one point these styles were considered veryavant garden. However, they faded with time. As with all good things in fashion, they tend to come back around. Both rockabilly and 60s era fashion have seen a rebirth as of lately. Though these items are not considered classics, adding in a few trendy vintage pieces gives the trend more weight and a bit of personal style.

Vintage Clothing Style

Putting It All Together

Now that you have an idea of the different eras in which you will be shopping, deciding what to buy and how to wear it is the next step. It is always best to wear your vintage clothing mixed with more modern garments. This makes them pop and keeps you from looking like an extra in a period movie.

Blazers and Suit Jackets are always a great vintage score. A vintage jacket will become the center piece of the outfit, finish it will dark denim and a great dress shirt.

Another great option in vintage clothing are accessories. Things like vintage ties, scarves, cuff links, and hats can really finish of an outfit. These items will hint at a period feel without screaming it. This is an especially intriguing look leaving people wondering just what it was that peaked their interest.

Hopefully this has inspired you to add a few vintage pieces to your collection. Incorporating vintage clothing can make you seem more worldly and fashionable. Give vintage its due and pair it with the right basics and see what it feels like to make something old look modern.


Mens Outerwear

Few things can make or break an outfit like mens outerwear. When the weather cools down men begin to pull out and dust off their collections of coats, jackets, and blazers. These items make great completer pieces, pulling your entire outfit together and making you look smart. However, wearing the wrong jacket, coat, or blazer can make you look amateurish.

There are more options in mens outerwear than almost any other category. You can sport something classic like an overcoat, trench, or duffle coat, or go a different route and try something in leather denim. Here are just a few examples of the many options you have when deciding what best suits you.

The Classics

  • Overcoats

Overcoats are traditionally worn over suits, although they can look great paired with casual outfits as well. These usually come in a shin-skimming full length variety. The shorter three quarter version known as a car coat may be a better option if you are not pairing it with a suit.

  • Trench Coats

The Trench is the raincoat of choice for every gentleman. Traditionally, trench coats are found in a khaki color, however, designer have been having a lot of fun with this staple as of late. The product of the tampering shows up in slimmer cuts, shorter lengths, and a variety of colors and patterns.

  • Duffle Coat

Duffle coats are easily recognizable by the wooden toggles that hold them together. The popularity of these coats has waxed and waned through the years. Because of this, duffle coats are the least well known, making them the perfect statement piece.

  • Pea Coats

Pea Coats are nautical inspired double breasted wool coats. These coats are versatile and work well with a variety of looks. They can most commonly be found in navy and black.Keep your Pea Coat in a trim fit and always button up for a sartorial appearance.

Mens Outerwear Clothing

Mens Outerwear Clothing

Blazers and Sport Jackets

A good selection of blazers and sport jackets is a must for any stylish man. Blazers and Sport Jackets go well in a wide plethora of situations. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and can be found in numerous colors, patterns and fabrics. Every man should own at least three of these gems, one in navy, black, and a pattern. As your wardrobe and style grow, you may find it hard to choose an outfit without one a blazer of sport jacket in it.

Casual Coats and Jackets

  • Leather

Leather coats and jackets have long been a staple in mens outerwear. Leather has the uncanny ability of making its wearer look edgy and tough. Think how much different style icons like Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Steve McQueen would have been perceived without the leather jacket.

  • Denim

Denim jackets can sometimes be viewed as a risky style venture. The truth is men spend a lot of time in jeans, wearing denim on denim can make the wearer look a little to ranch hand for the style savvy crowd. The key is to mix your washes and keep them at least two shades apart or a completely different color.

  • Military

The popularity of military inspired jackets often surge when western countries are caught in conflict. These jackets can be statement of support, rebellion, or just a good style note. Military inspired jackets look great paired with a v-neck and jeans.

With all the choices in mens outerwear your possibilities are endless. With just one or two garments from each category, your cool weather closet becomes the envy of all your friends. And what could be better than looking cool while staying war


Mens Casual Clothes: Outfit for the Modern Man

For most men, casual clothes are what they spend most of their time wearing. However, seem to be an area that men tend to not give much thought. This is a mistake. Casual does not mean “slouchy”, so giving these outfits a little more thought can pay off in spades. Whether this is an ensemble for casual Friday or strolling around with your significant other, the info here can help you look smart and put together.

It seems the jeans and a t-shirt craze is here to stay. If you choose to indulge in this particular style we can at least punch it up a little. There are plenty of options inside what some consider a small fashion niche. With a little imagination you will no longer be a slave to the mundane plague that has recently gripped mens casual clothes.

If you are searching for ideas for casual Friday or you work in a creative field that does not require a shirt and tie, you will probably need more than t-shirts and denim. A good selection of mens casual clothes include pants, trousers, polos, knitwear, and maybe even a few blazers or sport coats can really help round out your casual wardrobe. These are examples of good basics that every man should have. They are the foundation that will allow you to build fun and creative outfits with snap and pizazz.

Mens Casual Clothing

Mens Casual Clothing

Before we start taking our individual pieces and putting them into outfits. Let us first talk about fit. Almost as important as how your clothes look is how they fit. The wrong fit can make an otherwise nice outfit look untidy and careless.

A good rule of thumb to remember is to always go with a trim fit. Guys often make a misstep by trying to hide underneath baggy clothes. This usually results in the opposite effect by making you seem even larger. Instead, keep your clothes fitted but not tight. And if it doesn’t fit quite right, go one size larger and have it tailored.

Now that you have a good selection of casual basics putting them together in interesting combinations is key to looking good. While a t-shirts with jeans and a polos with chinoiserie classics there are many more options available. Stay off the beaten path pair your jeans with a button down and tie. Instead of jeans with your tees try a nice herringbone trouser.While most stick with the classic khaki chino, dare to be bold and try a blue or red version of this classic. All of these pairings are about creating an interesting look that showcases your own personality.

Arranging your casual clothes into wardrobe into a unique and workable closet is not as hard as it sounds. Acquiring a solid set of basics and pairing them with a few more modern and trendy items is a sure fire way to set yourself apart from the faded and baggy t-shirt and jeans crowd.